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Website Design & Rebranding For This Ridgefield, CT Company

For decades, Summit Wine Cellars has created dramatic custom wine cellars, wine racks and wine display systems in finer homes, restaurants and hotels throughout the world. We were honored when Summit contacted Aspire Digital Solutions to assist with a new website design and rebranding for their Ridgefield, CT company.

Embedded 360° HDR imagery

What The Brand Needed

This project was unique because we were tasked with combining two longstanding brands under one new umbrella brand. Aspire created new brand guidelines, designed their new logo, combined two separate websites into one redesign, and updated their search presence across the digital ecosystem.

What We Did

We created logo concepts inline with the new look and feel this company was aiming for. Then we designed and developed a custom WordPress theme using the Divi framework. SEO was a unique challenge for this project, as we had not one but two websites to factor into our SEO strategy.

Logo Design

Step 1: We started with a research and discovery exercise to learn as much as possible about our client’s business and customers. After presenting several design concepts and narrowing down the right fit, we selected the perfect color schemes for their brand, drafted brand guidelines, then delivered the finished logo in .eps, .png and .jpg formats.

Photoshop & Retouching

Step 2: The client was in need of new images. We saw a unique opportunity to showcase the client’s beautiful wine cellars using 360° panoramic graphics, so we contracted our preferred Google Certified Photographer Joe Ward of Skyward Photography to shoot local portfolio pieces. 360° graphics are very large files, so our team optimized the files and website for a balance between quality and page speed.

Website Design

Step 3: With the new logo and beautiful image assets in hand, we began work on the new website by creating a sitemap, incorporating key top and sub level pages from each of their old websites. We got to work sketching wireframes and laying out site’s information architecture, to ensure users would be able to navigate the site easily. After a few revisions with the client, we were ready to launch.

Business Listings, Social & SEO

Step 4: Without a proper strategy in place, a website redesign can be very harmful for SEO. Before redirecting the old two website domains to the new website, we were sure to perform site audits and create proper 301 redirects to ensure link equity was preserved. We then updated all of their online directories/business listings and suppressed any duplicate listings. Today, whether it’s an old customer searching for the old company name, or a new customer with a fresh inquiry, the Summit Wine Cellars brand can be found online.
Thanks so much for helping us design what I would guess is a pretty complicated site. I feel it really expresses our new look and mission. I want to let you know how much we appreciate your patience and how much we enjoy working with you.
Fred Tregaskis

President, Summit Wine Cellars

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