For businesses, having an appealing website isn’t only commonplace. It’s also common sense. After all, nearly four out of 10 consumers will leave a poor looking site, potentially to go to a competitor’s pages. That’s almost 40% of potential sales lost. Yet DIY websites just don’t have the same pizzazz as one created by a professional web design company.

Sure, it can be tempting and inexpensive to throw up a homemade website, especially in the beginning. However, it’s not a good decision for the long haul. Why should you put your trust in a web design company instead of sticking with the DIY route? Check out our big reasons below.

You Waste Time Being a Tinkerer

It can be fun to play around with the layout and templates of a DIY website. But it can steal valuable time from building your business. The moments you spend trying to determine the right colors, images, or fonts could be better spent on lead generation and sales calls. Allowing a web design company to turn your vision into a fantastic site allows you to concentrate on what you do best: Running your organization.

DIY Sites Sometimes Have Loading Errors

We’ve all been to sites that seem to take forever to load. You certainly don’t want yours to fall into that category. If it’s hosted on a DIY website platform, you may not always have the load time you want. On the other hand, if you work with a website design agency, you have the ability to tweak elements of the site and improve user experience.

A Template-Based Web Design May Be Cookie Cutter

Even if you think you have tons of website templates to choose from, they’re pretty limited on standard DIY forums. That’s why you end up seeing similar looking and feeling sites around the Internet. You may have even asked yourself, “Haven’t I seen that setup before when visiting companies online?” Instead of relegating yourself to cookie-cutter visuals and layouts, partner with a web design company that can build a fresh site that resonates with your brand image.

You Often Get Only Basic SEO Packages

The good news is that some DIY site builders come with an SEO package. The not-so-good news is that those packages typically pale in comparison to what you’ll get with the help of a website design agency. Unless your startup is literally a sometime hobby that you don’t actually care about, you need to know how you’re doing from an SEO perspective. And that’s wisely handled by web design company experts who understand how to get you link love.

You’ll Only Get the Support and Service the Platform Offers

Finally, if you want to be able to talk with your web design partner, you’ll want to seek out the help of a web design company. It’s great to be able to actually pick up the phone and speak with someone who doesn’t just see your business as a number. This will definitely come in handy if you ever have questions or run into issues related to your site.

Want to give your organization a serious leg up? You can trust our team at Aspire Digital Solutions to boost your branding, put out a terrific first impression, and get you closer to meeting your sales goals. Get in touch today.

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