Marketing Automation

The Right Technology

Selecting the right technologies for your business can be a daunting task. At Aspire Digital Solutions, our seasoned technology gurus look at the problems your business is trying to solve and the processes you’d like to improve. We consider factors like your budget, manpower and current systems in place – then recommend the optimal systems for your business and integrate them. We are passionate about helping businesses improve operational efficiency and flow of information.

✓ Mitigate time consuming tasks
✓ Improve your sales process
✓ Integrate CRM/POS/ERP systems
✓ Improve operational efficiency

Smart WiFi

Turn your guest WiFI into your greatest marketing asset with our Smart WiFi solution. With our cloud software enabled over your existing WiFi network you can access a wealth of rich WiFi analytics. Similar to website analytics, our platform provides real-time customer data and insight including name, age, gender, social interests, contact information, location, footfall, dwell, frequency of visits and much more.

✓ Collect email addresses and customer insights
✓ Entice new customers
✓ Incentivize repeat customers
✓ Offer personalized marketing communications

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