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  • Bill Fow

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    Bill Fow, co-founder of Aspire Digital Solutions and AspireConnect, is a visionary leader and innovator in digital marketing, known for creating impactful software solutions and driving transformative strategies in the digital marketing industry.
  • Christine Mullen

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    Christine Mullen, Co-Founder and CMO of Aspire Digital Solutions, is a strategic thinker in marketing, known for her insights on creative branding and effective marketing strategies.
  • Danitza

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  • Juan Orozco

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    Juan Orozco is an expert in marketing automation at Aspire Digital Solutions, known for his strategic insights and comprehensive tutorials on AgencyPortal and AspireConnect.
  • Mark Kaufmann

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    Mark has worked in the marketing industry for over 8 years, with extensive experience in digital business strategy, conversion rate and search engine optimization, UX design, and website architecture. With backgrounds in both business and writing, Mark brings a unique blend of creativity and data-driven strategy to the table for the Aspire team. Mark remains a student of the ever-changing digital marketing and SEO landscape, and is an upcoming voice in the world of SEO and small business.

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