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How Lucious & Co. produced 2,291 appointments in 3 months with SEO

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SEO – Local Maps & Organic Ranking

The Local Maps 3 Pack (above), and Organic Search results, account for over 90% of searches for any local business. 

For Luscious and Co., with a high percentage of mobile visits, ranking in the Maps 3 Pack was extremely important for generating new clients and being visible in their service area.

Aspire enacted a (multi-prong) strategy that targeted both the Maps 3 Pack and Organic results, ensuring maximum coverage in every possible area that prospective customers could be searching.


Luscious and Co. is located in a geographic area with many competitors, both in their immediate vicinity and surrounding area. With so many choices for potential clients, it was vital that they stand out in their service area. At the onset of the campaign, Luscious and Co. was nearly invisible on the Google Map, and on page 2 of Google search results for the best money-making keywords, like “hair salon near me” (over 1,000 monthly searches in the client’s region).


After extensive research, we determined that over 60% of traffic for this particular industry (hair salons) was coming from local Google Maps 3 Pack results. The majority of searches for terms like “hair salon near me” and “hair extensions” trigger local search results, which display the Maps 3 Pack above the Organic search results. To capture the largest share of traffic and potential customers, our SEO team simultaneously focused on gaining immediate visibility for the client in both the Maps 3 Pack and Organic search.


  • Keyword research to determine revenue-driving keywords.
  • Targeted optimization for Google My Business profile and listing.
  • Aggressive Maps Pack SEO, including Google review generation.
  • Focused Organic SEO to achieve #1 rank in client’s service area.
  • Local Business citations to dominate local search.
  • Full lead-tracking and rank-tracking suite to monitor live performance & ROI.


 After 90 days of Google Maps & Google My Business optimization, and Organic SEO, the client was was able to see a massive increase in calls and appointments booked. Traffic to the website increased by over 60% within 3 months, and by achieving #1 rank in the places where their clients were searching, our SEO team was able to help Luscious and Co. book over 2,000 appointments within a 90 day time frame.


Traffic from Google Maps & Search

Google Maps AND Organic Ranking in Client's City

High-value Keywords in the Top 5

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