on January 15, 2021

How WordPress Helps with SEO

One of the best things that WordPress developers have done with their platform is to make it easy to use, particularly in how it pertains to SEO for articles written on WordPress. This is a huge benefit to website developers when they are working on generating traffic to their websites. That’s because SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it’s used to make more people click on a particular website. There are several reasons that you want to see the increased traffic that comes with SEO being used on your website, but those who make money off ad revenue need the traffic to increase revenue and those who are selling a product or service need to get people to their site to improve the odds that someone buys something from them. A WordPress expert can get a ton out of the SEO functions they offer, helping to build up that traffic. Here’s how:

WordPress Helps with Keywords

Keywords are one of the most important aspects of SEO, and WordPress developers had this in mind when they put together their program. This is because the keywords are what brings up an article when someone does a simple search of the internet. This boosts page views and traffic, by having an article that comes up under more searches than other articles come up. Furthermore, the more keywords that match the search and the higher it will be among the results. WordPress helps you set up keywords, by letting you add as many as you want, while also putting in a focus keyword that comes up throughout the article. WordPress even will give you insight based on commonly used words to tell you what the piece is likely about, so you can adjust your keywords to fit the themes.

WordPress Actually Analyzes Your SEO for You

While WordPress experts and website design agencies might have a strong understanding of SEO, many people who run their own websites do not have a strong grip on SEO. There’s no shame in that, as it is a specialized skill that requires practice and training. It’s a reality that WordPress developers were aware of, as they included the ability to analyze SEO content for you on WordPress. They score your article’s SEO content as either being good, needing improvement, or poor based on a green, orange, and red coloring system. They also give notes as to where improvements can be made. For instance, it will tell you if your keyword density is too high or too low. It will also tell you if you need a higher total word count, forgot to add an image or internal links, and will help you with the length of the title for your piece.

WordPress Will Help Explain SEO to You

Again, SEO can be difficult for someone new to it to understand, but WordPress provided a link to explain SEO in detail, both what it is and how to properly take advantage of SEO in your articles written through WordPress. This helps you get the most out of your website and the content that you wish to put up on the site. The tool that WordPress includes is called SEObook. Its primary purpose is to teach about keywords, their usage, and why it matters, but that’s not what it is limited to. It also helps with analytics, training, and research on internet search trends on different search engines.

Of course, for a website to be successful it takes more than generating traffic. The website still needs to be of high quality, which is why WordPress developers have made WordPress easy to use, making your website highly functional and beneficial to your growth. Take the time to make sure that your website is strong because it only takes 50 milliseconds for people to make a determination about your website’s quality. If it’s not up to their standard, they will leave the website.


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