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When you Rank in the Map Pack

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What is the Map Pack?

Google Map Pack is the term used to describe the most prominent position in Google’s local search results – where businesses are listed and their locations are identified on a map with place marker icons. Map Pack has become a critical factor in how consumers decide where and what to buy when they search online.

If you invest in nothing else, invest in your Google listing

Even longstanding and reputable businesses with positive reviews have trouble breaking into the map pack. This is where Aspire comes in. We are experts in Local SEO and can guarantee positive movement. Each of our Google My Business SEO and Optimization campaigns feature a comprehensive array of Maps SEO tactics that produce real local SERP results.

More than half of local searchers will click on the first 3 listings in Google Maps.

Businesses that appear in the Google Map Pack can experience up to 6000% more phone calls.

78% of local, mobile searches result in an offline purchase.

Is the Map Pack relevant
to my business?

If the keywords used to search for your business produce a map and 3 featured listings at the top of Google, you are considered a local business in the eyes of Google.

Local SEO is right for you if:
your business serves customers at a physical location
the keywords used to search your niche produce local Google listings
“near me” searches are important in finding your business

*Local search results differ from organic search results, which offer a variety of options – mostly based on content relevance and backlinks.

What is Google Listing Optimization?

A Full Spectrum Google Maps Strategy

Executed In 90 Days For Accelerated Results

Our 90 Day Google Listing Optimization plan uses local ranking signals to supercharge your digital presence, helping you DOMINATE local maps results in your area.

Just about every GMB 3 Pack case study conducted since the roll-out of the GMB 3 Pack show between 30% and 50% of searchers click on the local maps results of Google.

This is a massive amount of traffic that is still being had by the businesses that are skilled enough to be in the top 3 positions for Google Local. And Aspire Digital Solutions has the experience and knowledge to get you into those top positions.

Easy to Understand

How Does it Work?

We have designed an accelerated set-up expedited in 90 days for high-impact visibility increases. It consists of 3 phases starting with entity creation, and local and niche signals.

Strategic audit and initial
campaign setup

Within the first phase, our focus is on identifying the specific strategies needed to compete in the local market based on extensive competitor and local SERP audit and strategy mapping, niche and local signal creation, and entity brand foundation set-up.

Phase 1 can help increase visibility in low comp markets and forms the foundation for future 3 pack ranking in more competitive areas.

Lisiting optimization, niche signals and brand boost

Phase 2 includes complete GMB listing optimization, niche-relevant signal creation, and advanced brand set-up.

*Phase 2 can help you achieve higher visibility in moderately competitive markets.

Local maps boost and custom signals

Phase 3 features more advanced signal creation that can help increase relevance and prominence including Local YouTube optimization, stacked signal creation, and signal boosting.

*Phase 3 can help provide the extra signals needed for more competitive areas by focusing on increasing page and brand document authority.

You can follow the progress in real-time with access to the project dashboard.

We monitor your keywords closely and provide a view key that you can access to see your rankings at a glance. Every asset or deliverable that we create comes with a complete report and 100% access.

Let us show you how Local SEO+ keeps your phones ringing off the hook

Revenue-driven results. We have the experience, cutting-edge knowledge, and technology to get you into those top positions on Google maps.

No more shooting in the dark. Our local SEO strategy is based upon extensive single variable testing, experiential learning and a keen understanding of exactly which signals are moving the needle.

Permanent results. Local businesses receive 94% of phone calls from their Google business listing between Monday and Friday.

Want even more results?

Bundle Organic SEO Opportunities

Many companies opt to bundle Maps and Organic SEO to maximize their visibility and site traffic. A bundle makes sense if you have a website in addition to a Google listing that should appear when users search relevant keywords.

Organic SEO

The perfect compliment to local SEO & GMB Maps campaign is Organic SEO. With half of local traffic going to the maps 3-pack, a large part of the remaining half of traffic goes to Organic Search. By ranking in both the map pack and search results, you can vastly increase your chances of getting clicked on, wherever your customers are searching.

Social Media management

Social media is an excellent way to build brand awareness and find new leads. At Aspire we specialize in strategic social media campaigns that focus on building and projecting a positive brand image, creating loyalty among fans, and driving new traffic for your business. Our approach results in an average increase of 1500-3000% visibility of your posted content.

Google Ads & PPC management

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) can provide an immediate source of targeted traffic to your website, driving conversions and contributing to revenue growth. The main benefit of a well-researched PPC campaign is simple: you get charged less by Google, and you get better results than you woud if running ads on your own.

Web design, Developement & optimization

Organic SEO starts on your website. Aspire has dedicated team of creative designers, web developers, and strategic professionals who can not only ensure that traffic comes to your site, but that you make a great first impressions, and drive users towards the desired action. 

That is what makes Aspire unique – we are  a full-service design studio, web development company, and digital marketing agency, which means that all areas of your digital presence are unified. We truly are your one-stop-shop.

Meet our team

SEO & Digital Marketing

Christine Mullen

President / Founder

With 20 of years experience as a Marketing Director, Christine has led online marketing programs in web design, SEO, and social media strategy. Her creativity and innovative tactics have also led to success in bringing many unique products to market. Christine’s love for digital and thirst for creativity was the driving force behind forming Aspire Digital.

Bill Fow

Director of Development / Founder

Bill holds a bachelors degree in Marketing from Fairfield University, but his true passion turned out to be website engineering. With 10 years of experience creating websites and designing the architecture behind them, Bill leads all aspects of website design and development at Aspire.

Mark Kaufmann

Senior Digital Strategist

Mark has worked in the marketing industry for over 8 years, with extensive experience in digital business strategy, conversion rate and search engine optimization, UX design, and website architecture. With backgrounds in both business and writing, Mark brings a unique blend of creativity and data-driven strategy to the table for the Aspire team.


What is Local SEO?
Local SEO focuses primarily on advancing search engine optimization for a business within a localized area. It takes special consideration of the region, the community and the environment of a business along with the standard elements of its product, quality and design to create a more holistic and approachable local appeal.
Why is Local SEO important?

Local SEO is vital for businesses that require a physical presence because it lets people know that your business exists in the area. People looking for services will often use location based services on their phones or automatically through browsers based on the area of their internet connection to find things close to home. If you have an online-only business, local SEO can still be important to draw attention to the story of how your business was founded. People are more likely to support a locally owned business even if it’s online as it shows a solidarity with their community and provides an assurance that goods will be made or shipped closer to them.

Local SEO vs Organic SEO
Local targets a specific geographic area and layers all the quirks and assets of that area into the optimization. This includes things like the history of the town, the regularity of weather, delivery and location services, roads, maps; it’s all about people who want to travel to a business in order to find it and giving them more ability to find it. Organic SEO is what occurs without location services. Instead of competing with local establishments it spreads out much farther to cover a larger ground of potential customers at the expense of not focusing enough on the local aspect of bringing naturally occurring customers in. Both are useful, but Local SEO is more necessary for a physical business.
What affects Local SEO rank?

It’s everything that affects organic SEO, plus a few other determining factors. Local listings, as in how many other businesses of the same type there are nearby or within a certain range. Consistent name, making sure that it’s easy to find and searchable whether it’s a franchise or a family owned roadside stand. An address and phone number for local contact and walk-in customers also raises the rank as it establishes the business as a real place in many automatic directories, including delivery services like FedEX or USPS. Having a healthy, active and attractive website is just as important, especially with mobile users, as it will confirm that the business is not only active but is well connected to the modern business world, as necessary.

How do I claim local listings for my business?

First thing to do will be helping you claim all the local listings of your business. Just being on the map isn’t enough – you need to control what that map says about you. The easiest way is through the GMB – Google My Business account, which is the first and most important place where information about your business, such as your website, is displayed to people who find you through a Google search or street map view. Before anyone finds you, you have to show up for them to see you.

What is a local SEO audit?

SEO for online only businesses usually lacks focus on where that business is located. The answer is always: on the internet. Your local business needs more special attention. We will help adjust your current SEO to give it a more local focus for your city, state, province – wherever. When people Google the name of where your business is located, one of the first results of “things to do” should be your business. Auditing your current SEO to trend towards local travel, from in and out of town, will help your business promote itself.

What is local keyword research?
What’s been going on in your neck of the woods? Changes in town mean new marketing opportunities. Anything from roadwork to local government meetings and especially sporting events can draw in tons of eyes to what’s going on where your business is and what things there are to do. These are excellent opportunities to take local keywords and adapt them to your current marketing strategy. We’ll research everything about your community, what they talk about, what they care about, and direct their eyes onto you.
What is Taxonomy SEO?

Taxonomy SEO involves optimizing for search engines of pages within already organized content. In other words, we’ll help your website be more searchable by making each page within it, and each product you offer, different from each other in the backend. This way none of your own pages are competing with each other for higher standing, only with other web content. Basing it on location would mean categorizing your business – be it a restaurant, a professional service or anything else – as the top seller of the area, the city’s most popular, the pride of your hometown. That way you’re not competing with just any restaurant, you’re part of the top spot for your locations most famous restaurants.

What is Schema Markup?

Search engines use certain tools to understand what your website is about, and what each web page is supposed to be about as well. These indications are made using a markup, or a background coding language, to describe the content which usually defaults itself to a standard value of the word itself. However, using schema structured data markup, we can change what those values are so the search engine can more easily understand what your website is. The easier a website is to understand, the higher it will be ranked. Doing this for your business at a local level means the easiest website to find for someone searching “Local Business” would be yours, so they’ll find it first in that area, for that business.

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