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Top 3 Latest Website Design Trends

Published August 17, 2020
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As technology advances, website design agencies are always looking at new ways to deliver the best user experiences for individuals and businesses. Around 73% of businesses hire website design companies to take advantage of the newest trends to stand out from their competitors. Here are the top three latest web design trends for your business.

AI-Enhanced Experiences

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help websites deliver experiences based on the data from customer use patterns. This technology can be used by website design agencies to help your business accurately model the journeys your website visitors want to take. This can help deliver a better personalized experience. Website visitors can get to know your product or service by following animated journeys or navigating 3D models.

Functional Simplicity

Functional simplicity in a website can be one of the biggest challenges for web design. One-color websites with huge typography are one of the newest upcoming trends. According to some web design companies, one color websites create a visually cohesive and harmonious look. It can help create more functionality with how design features interact with one another. By creating functional simplicity in a website, visitors are better able to understand your message.


There’s a growing interest in web design companies that use micro-animations to increase interaction with web design elements. Micro-animations are small motions that give visitor visual feedback. One example of a micro-animation is a switch that a visor turns on. As the switch moves from off to on, the bar changes color to let the website user know the switch has been activated.

Micro-animations focus a website visitor’s attention and guide it through a particular element on your website. They can help improve navigation and add a playful element to your website design without risking increased loading times. If website users can navigate your business website and find what they’re looking for easily, the more likely it is that they’ll return.

If you want to improve the experience of your business website visitors, enlisting the aid of website design agencies can be highly beneficial. As new technologies develop, your website can stand out above your competitors and increase customer loyalty. Build a strong digital presence by contacting Aspire Digital Solutions today.

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