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Adapting Individual YouTube Tactics for Business: Insights from Jenny HoyosLOL’s Interview

Published January 22, 2024
Read Time: 4 min
Uncover how the creative strategies of individual YouTuber Jenny HoyosLOL can inspire and shape business content creation.

In this deep dive, we explore Jenny HoyosLOL’s strategies from her insightful interview on Creator Science’s YouTube channel. Her approach to YouTube Shorts offers valuable lessons for businesses in digital storytelling and viewer engagement.

Key Takeaways from Jenny’s Strategy (with Timestamps)

  1. Viral Content Creation (Timestamp: 1:09-1:23): Jenny discusses adding story and twist to make content viral. Businesses can use this approach to create engaging narratives.
  2. Strong Visual Hooks and Simplicity (Timestamp: 2:19-2:57): Her success hinges on immediate visual engagement and simplicity. This can be a blueprint for businesses to develop straightforward, visually appealing content.
  3. Storytelling and Retention (Timestamp: 5:31-6:08): Emphasizing the importance of retaining viewers throughout the video. Businesses should craft their content to keep the audience engaged till the end.

Applying Jenny’s Principles to Businesses

  1. Strong Visual Hooks:
    • Jenny’s Approach: She emphasizes creating a visually compelling first frame, essential for grabbing immediate attention.
    • Business Application: Start your business Shorts with an eye-catching image or scene that instantly communicates your message or product’s essence. For example, a striking product demonstration or an engaging question related to your service.
  2. Clear, Concise Messaging:
    • Jenny’s Approach: She focuses on delivering her message in a simple, understandable manner, often targeting a fifth-grade reading level for broader accessibility.
    • Business Application: Use straightforward language and avoid industry jargon. If explaining a complex product, break it down into simple terms. An IT company, for instance, could explain a technical service in simple steps or through an everyday analogy.
  3. Storytelling and Viewer Engagement:
    • Jenny’s Approach: Integrating personal elements and irony into her content, Jenny creates stories that viewers find relatable and engaging.
    • Business Application: Share stories about your products or services that resonate with everyday experiences. For instance, a real estate company could create a short story about finding the perfect home, focusing on emotional aspects like family and belonging.
  4. Content Structuring:
    • Jenny’s Approach: She meticulously plans her content, focusing on a strong start (hook), a compelling middle (story/body), and a satisfying conclusion.
    • Business Application: Structure your content with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Start with a problem or question, provide information or a solution in the middle, and conclude with a call to action or resolution.
  5. Content Analysis and Adaptation:
    • Jenny’s Approach: Regularly analyzing her content’s performance to understand what works and adapting her strategy accordingly.
    • Business Application: Use analytics tools to track the performance of your Shorts. Analyze viewer engagement and retention rates to refine your content strategy over time.

By incorporating these principles into your business’s YouTube Shorts strategy, you can create content that is not only visually appealing and easy to understand but also deeply engaging and effective in conveying your brand’s message.

Personal vs. Corporate Identity in Content

  • When to Post as the Company: Use the company’s voice for brand messages, product launches, or company news.
  • Establishing Individual Personalities: Share personal insights, customer stories, or behind-the-scenes content from individual team members’ perspectives.
  • Balancing Both Identities: Find a balance between corporate and personal content, ensuring alignment with overall brand strategy.


Jenny HoyosLOL’s YouTube Shorts strategy, as explored in her interview, is a treasure trove of insights for businesses. By adapting these principles, companies can create content that effectively engages audiences and enhances their brand on YouTube.

Final Thoughts

YouTube Shorts can be a transformative tool for business marketing. Whether through the company’s voice or individual team members, aligning content with brand values is key to engaging your audience.

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