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Make Your Website Stand Out with These Tips

Published May 1, 2020
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In the world of digital marketing and web design, it seems that every single day brings something new. It also seems that every day brings more innovation and more competition. If your web design company wants to stay ahead of the rest of the web design companies out there, your strategy has to keep evolving. Here are some creative ways to keep your website interesting and up with the current trends in the business.

Use Video

Including some kind of video on your site is one of the most engaging tactics that you can use in your web design. It is a concept that consumers react immediately. Videos deliver a message that stays with your customers. So use it and don’t hold back!

Keep it Single Column

Think about it: it’s worked for newspapers for years. So why shouldn’t it work for your website? When web copy is arranged in a single column, it is easier for the eye to follow. When it’s easier for the eye to follow, it is easier for your clients to follow. And that means it’s easier for your message to sink in. Keep single columns — they appear more organized and are much easier to read!

Choose Soothing Colors

It’s no secret that good color schemes attract attention and interest. These are key elements to the design of your website. Consumers respond to this. In fact, it’s been reported that the first impressions of consumers are actually related to the design of the site by an overwhelming 94%. Keep the soothing so your customers feel comfortable spending more time on your site.

Incorporate AI

We all know Siri! This is probably the most popular example of AI. But there are others, too. And incorporating AI on your website isn’t too tough. Web design agencies have discovered how effective the use of AI is. Consumers love it, and it appears that AI is here to stay. With this type of response, it might be a good idea to incorporate AI into your website with a chat service.

Make Mindful Typography Choices

Fonts matter! Keep your graphics and web design layout clean, interesting, and uncluttered, and make sure your copy sounds natural. These are musts to keep your customers. If they can’t read your web content quickly and easily, they will be gone. But remember, too, they enjoy being entertained…so keep it interesting. Outlining is a great attention-getter.

Animation and Illustration

There’s nothing like animation and illustration to add a personal dimension to your web design. In a world filled with videos and sophisticated computer-generated graphics, the techniques involved in animation and illustration appeal to consumers. Maybe it’s appeal is nostalgic, reminding them of earlier times? Who knows. But one thing is for sure: consumers react positively to it, so you might want to have it be a part of your web design.

Today, web design companies are dealing with a consumer base that is increasingly sophisticated. If you want your web design agency to not only retain but to expand your consumer base, it’s imperative to make sure you know what your competition is doing. The exciting world of digital marketing and web design is changing constantly. Are you ready to keep up?

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