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YouTube for Business Growth vs Individual Creators: Exploring Strategies Together

Published January 22, 2024
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YouTube as a Business

Hey everyone, Bill Fow here. We all see individual creators thriving on YouTube with viral videos and millions of views. But when it comes to using YouTube for your business, the strategy fundamentally shifts. It’s not just about capturing fleeting attention; it’s about building a sustainable brand presence. Let’s unpack how your business can effectively use YouTube, differentiating from individual creator tactics.

Understanding YouTube’s Business Potential

YouTube is a goldmine for individual creators like Jenny HoyosLOL, who excel in making viral Shorts. But for businesses, the platform offers a different kind of opportunity. It’s a chance to develop a lasting relationship with your audience, reinforce your brand, and drive meaningful engagement that impacts your bottom line. If you don’t know who Jenny is, the interview below has some great insights into how YouTube Shorts work.

It is kind of long but a few of my key takeaways are listed below. I also did a deep dive on this interview to try and draw key takeaways from the individual creator world and how you can use it for your business, here is the link to that post.

  • Put a storyline behind everything
  • The cover photo should provide an understanding of the entire video without even having to watch
  • Your ‘why’ gets users invested

Content Strategy: Individual Creators vs. Businesses

  • Individual Creators: They often focus on trending content, quick entertainment, and personal branding. Their success is measured by views and subscriber growth.
  • Businesses: Your content should be about showcasing your brand’s value and expertise. Think educational content, in-depth tutorials, and customer stories that align with your brand identity.

Building a Brand Presence, Not Just Viral Hits

  • Behind-the-Scenes Series: Unlike individual creators focusing on personal life vlogs, businesses can use behind-the-scenes content to showcase their company culture, manufacturing process, or product development.
    • Example Script: “Let’s take a sneak peek into our team’s daily grind and see how we bring our products to life.”
  • Webinar and Podcast Highlights: Repurpose these into informative Shorts, offering value-packed snippets rather than chasing viral fame.
    • Example Script: “Here’s a quick insight from our latest webinar on [topic]. For the full discussion, check out our channel.”
  • Q&A Sessions for Customer Engagement: Rather than personal Q&As, focus these sessions on answering industry-specific queries, establishing your business as a thought leader.
    • Example Script: “We’re tackling your burning questions about [industry topic] in today’s video.”

The Marketing Agency Conversation Strategy

  • Hold monthly recorded sessions with your marketing team discussing strategies, industry trends, or case studies, providing valuable insights for similar businesses.
    • Example Script: “Join us in this month’s deep dive into [strategy or trend] and how it impacts your business marketing.”


The key for businesses on YouTube isn’t to mimic the viral tactics of individual creators but to carve out a niche with consistent, brand-aligned content. It’s about long-term engagement and building a community around your brand.

Navigating YouTube as a business is different, but it’s a journey worth taking. For more specialized guidance, feel free to reach out. Let’s explore these strategies together and grow your business on YouTube.

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