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Responsive website design company Aspire Digital Solutions

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Aspire was brought in mid-project to provide Wordpress consulting and project management. Services included design consulting, website development and Wordpress training. Project was successfully launched on time and within budget.
Client: Town of Bedford, NY
Date: November 2019


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Whether pure luck or fate- I discovered Aspire Digital Solutions at a point in time where my company needed help with a site after our developer checked out 3/4 of the way through! Aspire was the equivalent of the Calvary coming to the rescue. They not only untangled the messy code and helped me to understand how to manage the site, they offered design solutions that elevated the look and feel. Our site is easy to navigate on mobile and desktop, beautiful to look at, and they made the process fun. We even launched on the agreed upon date. Aspire Digital Solutions is a dream team.

Phyllis Cohen

Confidential Secretary to the Supervisor