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Digital Marketing Strategy and Trends for 2023

Published November 3, 2022
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E-A-T is used in “every single query” for “every single result” – HJ Kim VP of Search at Google. So, you should probably pay attention to this. E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, and it should permeate everything you do online.

We will cover more on E-A-T in an upcoming series of posts and videos. In this post, we will cover the latest trends for a well-rounded digital marketing strategy in 2023 that can drive real results for your business. With web and mobile device use continuing to rise post-pandemic and consumers and businesses alike increasingly conducting their business online, the question has gone from whether your business needs a digital marketing strategy to how to best stay ahead of constantly-emerging new trends in an increasingly competitive digital marketing space.

Towards this end, we at Aspire Digital Marketing have put together a brief guide to the digital marketing strategy we’re recommending, as well as digital marketing trends that we expect to continue and to emerge in 2023 – the tried-and-true tools and methods that will continue to be cornerstones of every business’s online marketing strategy, as well as new ones to adopt to stay ahead of developments in tech and consumer behavior.

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What Should my Business’ Digital Marketing Strategy be in 2023?

Online tools and digital marketing strategies are becoming more and more accessible every year, meaning even the smallest businesses can compete in the online marketing space.

By adopting a well-balanced suite of digital solutions, you’ll be able to set your business up for success in 2023 with a digital marketing strategy guided by the following six simple steps:


1. Reach a highly-targeted, prequalified audience wherever they are

Harness the power of data and analytics to find your business’ ideal audience, then connect with them through the online platforms they use every day.

2. Cut through the noise with honest, personal messages

Empowered with audience insights and readily-accessible digital tools, move beyond advertising and establish real relationships between your business and your ideal audiences. Emphasis here on the A in E-A-T (Authoritativeness). In 2023, it is important to make sure all content you publish has an author attached to it. Be it the owner or a prominent voice within your company, Google will award content that comes from a known person rather than an anonymous source.

3. Guide your prospects along a seamless omni-channel journey to your business

Recognizing the increasing role of various online channels, devices, and purchase methods in the modern customer experience, unify your efforts across all channels to provide your marketing audience an easy path to become customers.

4. Provide a user-friendly, convenient customer experience

Provide your customers every possible opportunity to connect with you quickly, easily, and conveniently with online and mobile services.

5. Engage and re-engage your audience to foster an ongoing relationship

Use your online connection to your audience to provide value through relevant content and promotions to bring in new customers and repeat business.

6. Constantly improve your processes through user feedback and data analytics

Combine direct user feedback with integrated tracking and analytics across all channels to provide your business with deep insights, enabling constant improvement of all aspects of your digital marketing, sales and overall operations.


What Will be the Most Important Digital Marketing Trends for 2023?

With these six steps in mind, let’s take a look at the trends to determine the digital solutions that will be driving marketing for businesses of all sizes in 2023.

New technology will drive new developments and ongoing trends in search

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is already a basic necessity for any business that wants to make an impact online. If your content isn’t highly ranked by search engines, you’re simply not being found by the sizable portion of your market that has come to rely on search engines to find, research and choose businesses.

Why your business should already be doing SEO

Content marketing remains strong in 2023, with continued need for authoritative written content related to your industry to target relevant keywords. The power of relevant, well-tagged video and images will continue to increase.

SEO will continue to change and develop in 2023, necessitating some updated strategies. The value of a high rank in search results and featured snippets will only increase and spur competition. With new tech developments like voice and image search, searcher behavior will continue to evolve.

Both of these trends indicate that there will be great rewards for businesses that stay ahead of the curve on SEO for all their online content. Watch for shakeups at the top of the search results.

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Think Global, Rank Local

Local search will continue to be a boon to small businesses in 2023. The Google Map Pack continues to be coveted online real estate available only to the local businesses with the best-optimized web presence and Google My Business profile as well as customer engagement.

As of 2020, over 90% of consumers had used the internet to find a local business. (BrightLocal, 2020).

In addition to the benefits of local organic search, think proactively for 2023. Tools to directly reach out to new and existing customers in your local area are more robust and more accessible than ever before.

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Expectations for and value of web design continue to rise

Your website is your business’ online flagship, your corner of the internet, the world’s window into what your business is and aspires to be.

It can also be an extremely valuable tool, a source of data and feedback on customer behavior and needs as well as the hub of all your online marketing efforts.

Expectations for web design – aesthetics, ease of use, and performance – will continue to rise in 2023. Mobile-first design is here to stay, with mobile device use dominating overall internet traffic worldwide and across demographics. Page load speed remains a top priority for both SEO and audience retention.

To be balanced with these concerns is the opportunity for data gathering with tracking tools and progressive lead forms, and augmenting customer service and experience with increasingly accessible – and expected – tools like live chat, AI chatbots, ecommerce solutions like online purchases and payments, geolocation and browser-based dynamic content, embedded video and interactive content.

That’s a lot of considerations for your business’ website. Finding a balance between page performance and integrating a robust set of tools with your site will be an ongoing consideration in 2023.

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Omnichannel marketing is becoming a must – but also more accessible than ever

With all the benefits technology provides to businesses, it comes with one major drawback – audience retention. It’s just too easy for your prospect to start off engaged by what you’re showing them, only to drop off because a distraction causes them to switch apps or devices.

Fortunately, the digital solutions available today make it easier than ever to pick up the conversation where it left off, wherever and whenever your prospect becomes available again.

The key is to be constantly reaching them wherever they are online – search, social media, email, etc. The old “rule of seven” impressions to get a conversion may not be a hard and fast one, but the more impressions you make on your audience, the more will convert. Online marketing tools and platforms give you more chances to do so at a lower cost than ever before.

For 2023, you’ll need an omnichannel marketing strategy, a platform to unify your online marketing efforts, and perhaps a bit of study on the topic to get going.

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Social media, digital advertising and email continue as direct-outreach MVPs

Social media platforms have been working to become leading online marketplaces for years. Spurred by the massive surge in online shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic, the big networks have developed extremely robust tools for digital marketing and ecommerce.

Your audience is on social media – meet them there in 2023.

Digital advertising across social media platforms as well as search engines like Google is a great way to market directly to strong, prequalified prospects, and is increasingly beneficial to test advertising messages and elements.

AI-driven testing and real-time customer data inform marketing decisions at a fraction of the cost of the old methods of market research, becoming more accessible and more valuable to every business than ever before in 2023.

Direct email is nothing new, but it’s still going to be a strong method of direct outreach in 2023. Marketing automation is actually increasing the power of the dusty old email, making mass outreach and personally crafted customer experiences possible at the same time with just a few clicks – reducing costs and improving ROI.

Video rules the marketplace – and anyone can get in on it

A recent study by Cisco showed that video accounts for 82% of online traffic. Video has been shown to increase engagement and retention, improve search engine rank, and drive higher conversion rates than other mediums.

And you almost certainly have ready access to a high-definition camera mixed with a supercomputer and editing studio. It’s probably in your pocket, in your hand, or sitting next to you right now – your mobile device.

Today, anyone can film a quick video or stream live with a high-quality image and a genuine, personal message – anyplace, anytime.

No need for Hollywood special effects or a snazzy script or premise – try giving your audience a personal look into the strongest aspects of your business and its value proposition with simple, direct, to-the-point videos.

For 2023, make video the centerpiece of your digital marketing across all your online channels to drive engagement and foster a more personal relationship with your audience.


Demand rises for Ecommerce options across all industries

No matter what industry you’re in, a solid portion of your customers want to be able to do business with you through their mobile phone. Customer service, perusing your goods and services, purchases and payments, every aspect of the customer experience is increasingly expected to have online-only options.

Even if you don’t sell physical goods, adopting online payments, online appointment-setting, and online options for every possible service should be a priority for every business in 2023.

Moreover, integrating an omnichannel approach to ecommerce and customer service will be a major trend going forward. Social media is a new frontier many businesses are already moving into for both. 2023 will see a continued rise in demand for omnichannel services, especially among younger consumers.

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Set your business up for digital marketing success in 2023

We hope you’ve found this quick guide beneficial to your digital marketing considerations for 2023.

Aspire Digital Marketing is dedicated to assisting businesses of all sizes – businesses like yours – with all aspects of digital marketing. With a full suite of plug-and-play services, we can augment your existing digital marketing efforts or get you off the ground from scratch.

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