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Shopify Website Development For This Ridgefield, CT Company

St Johns Fragrance Co is an iconic men’s fragrance company with a fascinating 175 years of history. The brand had several webmasters working on their Shopify e-commerce store over the years and was referred to Aspire to give their website a fresh redesign and clean up the backend.

Custom Shopify Development

Shopify Development Process

We started by analyzing the site URLs and creating a new sitemap for improved navigation. Then we worked with our in-house copywriter to create compelling and accurate messaging throughout the entire website. Our designers created a clean and modern template, staying true to the brand’s image and roots. The strategy behind out design factored in not only stunning imagery, but user experience, search engine optimization, website performance and awesome marketing tools.

The Shopify Backend

As is usually the case when several individuals work on a website over years and years, St Johns Shopify store was laden with unused/unnecessary apps, old templates, duplicate content, outdated pages/collections/blogs, 404 errors etc. This was silently hurting the website’s performance and SEO, and made for a confusing day-to-day for management. Through a series of site audits Aspire cleaned up thousands of technical SEO and website optimization issues.

Shopify Features

Today, St Johns Shopify website not only looks beautiful, but makes use of significantly less apps and has a load time of just 2 seconds. Users benefit from a convenient social login option, photo reviews, wishlists and a robust rewards program. Wholesale partners benefit from a lighting fast store locator for those looking to find St Johns products in stores, as well as a featured retailer blog.

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